As part of our commitment to keeping you informed about the processes and decisions that affect your pension plans, OMERS Sponsors Corporation publishes detailed annual reports and Board meeting summaries you can access at anytime on this website.

You’re also welcome to learn more about - and register for – upcoming OMERS Information Meetings or to see past presentations.

Annual Reporting

View the most recent Annual Report and Reports to Members, either in pdf or interactive form, produced in conjunction with the OMERS Administration Corporation. Reports from previous years are also available.

Information Meetings

Register to attend an upcoming meeting or learn more about previous ones. OMERS Spring Information meetings follow release of the Annual Report; Fall Information meetings follow the conclusion of the annual decision-making cycle for plan changes.

View the 2016 Spring Information Meeting Presentation - April 4, 2016

View the 2015 Fall Information Meeting Presentation - October 20, 2015

View the 2015 Spring Information Meeting Presentation - April 13, 2015


SC Board Meetings

To stay transparent and maintain consistent communications with you, our stakeholders, we’ve posted all significant activities and decisions made at every SC meeting. Additional information can be found in News & Activities.

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