Building Quality Relationships

OMERS strives to consistently meet the needs of our members, employers, sponsors, unions and associations.
Bev Dixon

In 2018, OMERS worked to strengthen our service mindset:

  • We launched a Retirement Expense Estimator on – our website – to help members see what their expenses may look like after retirement. More than 150,000 pension estimates were provided through – our member portal – to help members with their retirement planning.
  • We received more than 209,000 member calls and hosted more than 20,000 attendees at information sessions and webinars across Ontario.
  • We helped members save more for retirement, with over $1 billion now in Additional Voluntary Contributions.
  • We changed to make it easier for members to update their contact information online.

Our members have an increasing expectation for immediate connection and easy, real-time access to information. To meet that demand, we launched a new website that is easier to navigate and delivers a more modern and intuitive experience. Since its mid-February launch, the website has had more than 800,000 visitors.

The focus for 2018 was on modernizing pension administration by adopting a digital-first strategy. The objective of the strategy is to help members and employers better interact with OMERS and will involve new technologies and process changes. These changes are independent of the redevelopment of our pension administration platform, which will continue to develop in parallel.

A new digital onboarding process was introduced in 2018, which resulted in a high percentage of new members choosing to go paperless. These members have also provided mobile phone numbers, paving the way for digital interactions in the future. We now have more than 80,000 members who have opted for paperless communications.

Working in service of our members is our priority. This includes being available and accessible as members make important decisions. We implemented new, more detailed metrics to better measure employer and member satisfaction. Overall member satisfaction remains high at 91%.

Employers are a key partner in the administration of the OMERS Plan, ensuring that their employees are aware of the benefits. OMERS Employer Support Services team, which was formed in 2017 to assist with complex questions, launched a dedicated phone line in 2018. We also continued to offer webinars and learning forums for the pension administrators in our 1,000 employer organizations.

Pension Services receives on average more than 130 messages each day from employers through e-correspondence. To improve the tracking of these messages for employers, we developed an automated notification tool to alert them each time there is an update. The dedicated employer service team in Pension Services regularly reviews and reports on electronic correspondence to ensure timely responses. We have also simplified how employers can scan and share documents with us. We have heard directly from employers that these changes have made administering the Plan easier.

Throughout 2018, OMERS senior management from both the Administration and Sponsors Corporations met with sponsoring organizations, unions and associations. We appreciate the time that is shared with us as we continue to partner on Plan design, Plan administration and connecting with our stakeholders.

In 2018, OMERS became more active in social media. In addition to updating our LinkedIn profile, we launched on Facebook, recognizing that this is a channel where our members are already active. Anyone can follow us on Facebook for news of Plan developments, along with highlights on investments, the value of our defined benefit Plan, and career opportunities.

  • Average annual OMERS pension for members who retired in 2018


    Average annual OMERS pension for members who retired in 2018

  • Member phone calls handled by Member Services


    Member phone calls handled by Member Services

  • Member information sessions


    Member information sessions

  • Employer webinars
    115 Employer webinars


    Employer webinars

  • Employer satisfaction
    85% Employer satisfaction


    Employer satisfaction

  • Member Satisfaction
    85% Employer satisfaction


    Member Satisfaction