Delivering 7-11% Net Average Annual Investment Returns

Investment returns are important so that we can meet the long-term costs of providing pension benefits. In 2017, our net investment return exceeded our benchmark, with all major asset classes performing well.

In 2017, the Plan achieved a net investment return of 11.5%, exceeding our benchmark of 7.3% and our 2016 net investment return of 10.3%. We continued to execute on our investment strategy of building a diversified portfolio of high-quality investments, which has generated $7.6 billion of investment income above our discount rate since we launched our 2020 Strategy.

All major asset classes performed well in 2017. OMERS performance was a result of a tactical allocation in favour of public equities which performed exceptionally well in 2017, and our strategic allocations toward credit, infrastructure, private equity and real estate, which have delivered strong multi-year returns.

Investment returns in recent years have enabled us to improve our financial position. Indicators suggest that we may see further economic growth in the short term that will enable us to realize continued positive results.

As stewards of the Plan, we take a long-term view and we are aware that there are headwinds on the horizon including the potential for slower global economic growth, that may temper investment returns in the future.

Net Return History
  1-year 3-year 5-year 10-year 20-year
Net Return 11.5% 9.5% 8.9% 5.9% 7.0%
Net Investment Return Summary
  2017 2016
Fixed Income 4.3% 6.5%
Public Equity 14.7% 7.1%
Private Equity 11.1% 12.3%
Infrastructure 12.3% 10.9%
Real Estate 11.4% 12.3%
Geographic Distribution
Net Assets
Asset Allocation and Exposure