Growing responsibly

As we grow, with operations around the world, we strive to build our organization in a responsible way.

With the support of Oxford Properties as the landlord of our offices, we are continuously improving our energy efficiency and promoting smaller footprints.

At the same time, OMERS is mindful of leveraging efficiencies to secure relationships with vendors that will achieve the best result for our business and for our Plan. When selecting vendors, OMERS engages them through a competitive process. We choose those who are reputable and we look for pricing that is at or below the market rate.

A key element of our investment approach is to diversify the Plan’s investments geographically and by asset class. In our Capital Markets business alone, over the last five years, we have increased the number of countries in which we invest by 30% and the number of product types by 50%. The continuing diversification requires that we hire and develop professionals with the skills and knowledge that enable us to invest in new ways. To continue to be successful in this evolving context, we recognize the importance of attracting and engaging the right people, and our talent agenda remains a key priority across the organization.

We remain mindful of ensuring that we are operating in the most efficient ways possible, including through better use of automation. For example, we have kept securities administrative costs flat over the past five years by using technology to automate an increasing number of our business processes. In fact, over 90% of the business processes for securities transactions in our middle office have now been automated, compared with 30% four years ago. We are committed to driving responsible operations as we prepare for the Plan doubling in scale over the next decade.