Meeting Summary

OAC Board – March 28, 2019

Sustainable Investing Framework

The Sustainable Investing Framework (the Framework) was developed to coordinate sustainable investing and environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices across the enterprise and to provide a foundation to continue to evolve OMERS approaches in these areas.

The Board was advised that the Framework consists of a Sustainable Investing Policy (the Policy) and related Guidelines and Procedures.  It was proposed that the Policy be adopted at the OAC Board level, the Guidelines at the Senior Executive Team level, and the Procedures at the Business Unit level. 

The Executive Vice President & General Counsel presented on the topic and Management responded to questions from Board Members.

Following discussion, the OAC Board approved the Sustainable Investing Policy, effective April 10, 2019, and delegated the authority to the Investment Committee of the OAC Board to provide oversight in respect of the Policy on behalf of the OAC Board. The OAC Board also authorized and directed the Investment Committee of the OAC Board to review and recommend appropriate changes to the Policy to the OAC Board annually in conjunction with the review of the Statements of Investment Policies and Procedures.

In accordance with OAC’s practice, the Policy is posted on the OMERS website.