Stacked Provision

A "stacked provision" occurs if a member has coverage for more than one Supplemental Plan benefit for some or all of their credited service. This could only occur in 2011 at the earliest (assuming an employer provides coverage in 2008) as only one supplemental benefit can be provided every 36 months. 

If a member has a stacked provision, the Supplemental Plan top-up pension will take into account each Supplemental Plan benefit and its respective credited service. 

If a member has coverage for 2.33% and the “best three,” the benefits are combined for the period in which both benefits were provided.

The stacked (2.33% + "best three" earnings) Supplemental Plan pension is calculated as follows:

2.33% x Supplemental Plan credited service*
number of years (maximum 35 years)
x “best three” earnings
2.0% x Supplemental Plan credited service*
number of years (maximum 35 years)
x “best five” earnings

Equals the stacked (2.33% + “best three” earnings) Supplemental Plan pension

* We use the Supplemental Plan credited service for the “stacked period” in both lines of the formula. Any credited service outside the stacked period would not be included in the stacked benefit. 

Supplemental Plan benefits are not automatically provided. Employers can set up Supplemental Plan coverage for a class or classes of members in the police sector, firefighters and paramedics.