2020 Payroll Updates

Below are OMERS contribution rates and thresholds for your 2020 payroll updates.

Contribution Rates

Normal retirement age 65 and 60 rates remain the same as the 2019 rates.

Contribution rates for the OMERS Plan effective with the first full pay in 2020:


Up to YMPE


Normal retirement age 65



Normal retirement age 60



YMPE for 2020 = $58,700



OMERS RPP/RCA Allocation Threshold for Contributions

OMERS SC reviews the allocation threshold on an annual basis. For 2020, the allocation threshold is 96.5% of the maximum registered pension plan (RPP) earnings for 2020, which is:

  • 96.5 %  x  $174,422.25 = $168,317.47

Contributions on earnings above $168,317.47 are paid to the Retirement Compensation Arrangement (RCA).  


  • An exception to this limit is leave periods where the member cost is double contributions (the member's plus employer's share). In this case, use $174,422.25 the allocation threshold, and remit contributions on earnings only up to this amount; there are no RCA contributions for these leaves.
  • For leave periods where the cost is single contributions, the allocation threshold is $168,317.47 and amounts above $168,317.47 are paid to the RCA.