Become an OMERS Member

If you work for an OMERS employer, you may be eligible to join the OMERS Plan and receive our member benefits, including:

  • income for life;
  • employer-matched contributions;
  • early retirement options;
  • survivor benefits;
  • disability protection; and
  • a lower taxable income.

You can explore the benefits of joining the plan now by reading examples illustrating pension payments compared to contributions for three part-time members.

If you’ve worked for another OMERS employer, you may be eligible to join the plan now. Find out if your previous employer was an OMERS employer.

Am I Eligible?

If your employer has given you information on joining the OMERS Plan, complete the Offer of OMERS membership form in the booklet your employer provided. Once you give the form to your employer, they’ll send it to us. If your employer hasn’t given you information about OMERS, contact your Human Resources Representative to find when you can join the OMERS Pension Plan.

Have questions? We have answers. Explore our frequently asked questions.