OMERS Annual Meeting Webcast

April 08, 2020
On April 8, OMERS hosted its 2020 Annual Meeting, held entirely through webcast. Over 600 members logged in to watch, which was by far the largest virtual audience we’ve ever had. The Chair of the OAC Board, George Cooke was the Master of Ceremonies and he welcomed the following presenters:
  • Blake Hutcheson (President and incoming CEO) shared some good news stories about how OMERS is contributing to the fight against COVID-19 and provided an update on key strategic initiatives.
  • Jonathan Simmons (CFO) provided an overview of 2019 financial results, which was one of OMERS best years ever.
  • Satish Rai (CIO) discussed the current investment climate and the specific challenges resulting from COVID-19.
  • Michael Rolland (CEO Sponsors Corporation) provided an update about the current review of plan design.
If you did not have a chance to join the meeting live, a full recording of the webcast is available below.