Encourage members to sign up for myOMERS and e-subscription

July 01, 2017

myOMERS is the most efficient way for members to get their pension information. It's environmentally friendly and it helps to keep pension costs down. 

We need your help in promoting myOMERS and e-subscription. (Only 10% of members have signed up for e-subscription.)

  • Be sure to e-subscribe when you register for myOMERS.
  • Mention both myOMERS and e-subscription when talking to members about staying informed about their pension.
  • Remind members to update their address, email and phone via myOMERS.
  • Encourage members of all ages to use the Retirement Income Estimator for their planning – it produces pension estimates in seconds and it’s easy to add other income to get an after-tax snapshot of their retirement income.
  • Put a link to myOMERS on your intranet.

Contact us if you would like to discuss ways to promote paperless pension transactions. For example, we can provide you with sample messages to share with your members.

Lison McAuley, Director of HR; Karen Ball, HR Advisor; Lia LaSelva, HR Advisor; Carly Pugliese, HR Advisor

Tbaytel’s myOMERS success story

Of the 380+ OMERS members working for Tbaytel in Thunder Bay, about 60% have registered for myOMERS. What’s the secret to their success?

“We consistently tell members about myOMERS,” says Lison McAuley, Director, Human Resources. 
“When members need to change their contact information, they usually reach out to HR via email. HR Advisors will then encourage myOMERS registration by including the link along with instructions in their response.

“Or, when dealing with an in-person request, and when given the opportunity, HR Advisors will walk members through the registration process,” she says. “Likewise, explaining the process to new hires during their orientation may also have an impact on the participation rate.”

Lison also notes that many of their members are approaching retirement and starting to look closer at their pension numbers. “Someone from my team will sit with the member to walk them through the registration process and the Retirement Income Estimator,” Lison says. “It takes a few minutes, but saves us time in the future, and most importantly, it provides an opportunity for our employees to build a comfort level for being in direct contact with OMERS via myOMERS.”

“I believe we can increase that number,” says Lison. “For the first time, we are planning a myOMERS session to be presented to all employees at our fall biannual company meeting.”