Reminders for school boards

July 01, 2017

Members who become teacher-certified

All employees of school boards with teaching credentials must join the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, even if the employee is in a non-teaching position.  

If an OMERS member becomes certified to teach, submit a Request for an OMERS plan benefit (e-Form 143) for the member.

Important! Indicate the certification date in the “Notes to OMERS” field of the e-Form 143. We need to know this so we can terminate membership in the OMERS Plan, without sending the options package that’s usually sent to members who terminate employment.

Reminder: scheduled unpaid leave days

Scheduled unpaid leave days must be reported and can be captured as scattered days via the e-Form 165 – Leave period reporting/election. You can combine up to 20 scattered days taken off each calendar year and report them as one leave.  

We understand that some school board collective agreements automatically deem the days as
purchased. In this case:

  • Report the unpaid days as purchased scattered days via the e-Form 165a.
  • Indicate the election to purchase via the e-Form 165b.
  • Remit the leave period contributions with your next monthly remittance.