Employer Monthly - May Issue

May 21, 2019
It has been a busy month for OMERS, our employers and our members between the Annual Meeting, continued Annual Reconciliation Reporting and dealing with our last stretch of winter weather. Here is what you should know about the month ahead.

Reminder – Annual Reconciliation

Almost 850 employers have already completed their annual reconciliation. Congratulations to those employers who are helping to ensure that members have meaningful information about their pension. Please note that Pension Benefits Act requires all Pension Reports to be distributed by June 30 and we need your help to get this done! If you have not yet compleeted your annual reconciliation and you have questions or need guidance, please visit the Annual Reconciliation page and the e-Form 119 Checklist on our website, or call OMERS Employer Services at 416.350.6750 or 1.833.884.0389.

You Asked, We Listened

  • Improving the e-access user experience​: Being locked out of e-access while you are administering the Plan for your members can be very frustrating. You may have noticed this issue has been resolved and you will not be locked out of e-access due to having multiple browsers open. With that said, please ensure you are only working in one browser at a time
  • Employer contact information/e-access user form - 109: To ease administration and expedite processing we combined the e-access registration form, the form 109A and form 109B into one central form. Access the Employer Forms page here.

Employer Administration Manual

We recognize that reporting and administering the OMERS Plan can be complex. Our online Employer Administration Manual is somewhat of an encyclopedia of OMERS administration policies and procedures.

Crafted with you in mind, this tool is easy to use, searchable and customizable. For more features and to launch the manual, click here.

Employer Administration Workshops

Our in-person Employer Workshops and Webinars will provide you with a deeper understanding of OMERS administration topics and procedures.

​Upcoming in-person Employer Workshops:

  • Thunder Bay - May 23
  • Toronto - May 29
  • Chatham - June 12

See more locations and register today!

Upcoming Employer Webinars (10:00am - 11:00am EDT):

  • Disability Administration Part 1: Disability Elimination Period (e-Form 164) - Tuesday, May 28
  • Disability Administration Part 2: Requesting a Disability Benefit (e-Form 143) – Thursday, May 30
  • Member Events (e-Form 143) – Tuesday, June 4

See more webinars and register today!

Annual General Meeting Webcast

On April 18th, OMERS held its Annual Meeting. The meeting was an opportunity for members, employers and stakeholders to speak directly to both the OMERS Administration Corporation (OAC) and the OMERS Sponsors Corporation (SC), along with Michael Latimer and the Senior Executive Team. In case you missed it, you can catch the webcast here.

Mark your calendars: next year’s Annual Meeting will be held on April 8, 2020.

Helpful Hint!

Leave Periods- Getting Ahead of the Curve

Process transactions as they occur. By doing this you will avoid processing delays during the high-volume time of the e-Form 119 season. For example:

  • Open ended leaves can be reported immediately. As soon as a member goes off on an open-ended leave (i.e. Pregnancy/Parental Leave) submit the open-ended leave for the year right away.
  • Report leaves that have ended in 2019 the date the leave ends.

For more information on leave period reporting, review Section 11 of the Employer Administration Manual.

We’re here to help! - Call Employer Services

Your Employer Services Representatives:

Top Row (Left to Right): Mike Robinson, Paul Irving

Bottom Row (Left to Right): Jeanie Tom, Camille Knight-Laurie-Daniels-Lee
Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Phone: +1 416.350.6750
Toll-free: +1 833.884.0389

Please have your zone number ready.

Thank you for helping us administer the Plan and deliver a wonderful experience to our members.