Online access opens for retirees and deferred members

July 02, 2010

myOMERS - the secure online access tool for OMERS members - is now available for retirees and deferred members.

What started as requests from OMERS members for online access to their pension information, developed into the success story known as myOMERS. The story continues, with the recent successful launch of the system for retired members and deferred members.

Since myOMERS was launched in December 2009, more than 14,000 active members have registered.

"It has taken a lot of time, energy, and creativity to bring myOMERS to life," says Cathy Barss, Director of the IT Project Management Office. "We're really pleased with how quickly our active members have adopted myOMERS. We're expecting that our retirees will also be enthusiastic about myOMERS, because of the convenience it offers."

  • myOMERS for retired members offers a suite of online features: retirees can update addresses, banking, and additional tax information; view their pension information and annual statements; and reprint tax slips - all conveniently online.
  • myOMERS for deferred members provides access to current pension information, as well as online pension estimates and address changes. (A deferred member is one who left their OMERS employer but kept their benefit with OMERS.)

There will be more information about myOMERS in upcoming newsletters for retirees and deferred members.