myOMERS is a hit with members

April 21, 2010
Life keeps getting busier and the need for information at members' fingertips was a driving force behind the launch of myOMERS, the new site that provides online member access. Registrations are over 10,000 since the site launched in December, and the overall response has been glowing based on recent survey results.

"The initial survey asked members some general questions, including how they first heard about myOMERS and their initial impressions of the website," says Cathy Barss, Director, IT Project Management Office. "The response from members has been tremendous and the feedback overwhelmingly positive. It's been great to hear how much our members enjoy myOMERS, and we've already acted on their feedback to change and improve the site." 

"myOMERS is a fantastic new tool that allows our members to view their information and request estimates any time from any place," says Viktor Kogan, Director, Process Support. "It is also a perfect platform for OMERS to launch new features, as everyone will see in 2011 when myOMERS becomes the main tool to access OMERS AVCs (additional voluntary contributions)." AVCs will allow members to participate directly in OMERS fund through additional contributions. 

 The majority of respondents said the site is very easy to use and convenient. The top reason users visited the site was to use the Retirement Income Estimator to estimate their pensions.

A member approaching retirement wrote: "I am anticipating retirement towards the end of 2010. My wife and I like the fact that we can look at various dates and receive the information that we want within a few minutes." 

 "The pension estimator with multiple-option dates makes it easy to compare the various scenarios, with the inclusion of government benefits. Being able to access saved reports is a great feature, too," wrote another member.

 Members also provided suggestions that will help make myOMERS even easier to use in the future.

The previous Retirement Income Estimator on allowed members to input personal savings, a feature they enjoyed. This feature will be restored by the end of 2010 and will also include AVCs. Some members encountered password and registration issues, but we've taken steps to make the process easier. 

Employers are also making use of myOMERS. 

 "I love it!" wrote one employer. "An employee had asked if she could reprint her OMERS [pension report] from last year, so I went to to check it out and found myOMERS." The employer went on to say that she also registered and recommends the site to other members.

All feedback from members is welcome as we continue to improve myOMERS. 

myOMERS will be available to retirees and deferred members in July 2010.