Are you an OMERS retired member? If so, we need your help...

October 18, 2012
More Information Equals Better Accuracy and Service

OMERS is gathering the spouse and contact details of our retired members. The goal is to improve the accuracy of our actuarial valuation results, as well as to enhance our ability to communicate with our retired members and to provide them with superior customer service.

Use the online form…

You can send us this information by completing and signing our form Information request – retired member spouse

Send the completed and signed form back to us by fax to 1-877-369-9704, or by mail.


  • Information request – retired member spouse (831.0 KB)

…or, send us the information using myOMERS

If you’d prefer, you can complete and submit the form using your myOMERS account. Registering for myOMERS is easy.

myOMERS is as convenient and secure as online banking. With myOMERS you can also:

  • print your T4A tax slip
  • change your address and banking information
  • view your annual pension statement


Will the information I provide on this form change my beneficiary on record? 
No. This information is for actuarial purposes only and will not change the beneficiary information we currently have on file for you.

Where do I find my “membership/reference number”? 
Your “membership/reference number” can be found on any personal correspondence you receive from OMERS (for example, your OMERS Annual Statement of Pension), or through myOMERS.

What is a “legal spouse”? 
OMERS considers a “legal spouse” to be one who is legally married to the member.

What is a “common-law spouse”? 
OMERS considers a “common-law spouse” to be one who has lived together with the member in a conjugal relationship:

  • continuously for a period of not less than three years; or
  • in a relationship of some permanence if they are the natural or adoptive parents of a child, both as defined in the Family Law Act (Ontario).

What is the “retirement date”? 
“Retirement date” is the date that the first pension payment is due.