OMERS enhances services for members requesting buy-back purchases and marriage breakdown statements

January 29, 2015
Effective March 1, 2015, OMERS will eliminate the administration fee for all service buy-back purchases and the first Statement of Family Law Value issued by request in the event of the breakdown of a member’s spousal relationship.

The changes are consistent with OMERS commitment to providing excellent service and to supporting members through all stages of their lives.

When the changes take effect on March 1:

  • the $215 administration fee for all buy-back purchases of past service will be eliminated; and
  • the first Statement of Family Law Value issued on or after March 1 will be provided at no cost (any subsequent requests for a Statement of Family Law Value made by the member or the member’s current or a future spouse will cost $600 per statement – the same cost as is currently in place).