Canada's Top ten Pension Funds Help Drive National Prosperity

October 16, 2013
When you think of your pension, you probably think of the retirement income that it will provide you. And you'd be right to do so – but did you know Canada’s ten largest public pension funds, dubbed "the Top Ten," also contribute significantly to national prosperity? A landmark study conducted by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) provides, for the first time, data on the aggregate impact of these global organizations.

OMERS and the Canadian economy

There are many reasons to be proud of your OMERS Plan – it not only helps you achieve the retirement you're looking for, it benefits the Canadian economy.
About 51% of the Fund, over $31 billion, in invested in Canada

Some interesting facts from the first BCG survey:

  • At the end of 2011, these pension funds managed $714 billion – 35% of Canada’s retirement assets. Their net assets grew by more than 100% in the previous eight years. Despite market fluctuations, 2/3 ($240 billion) of the increase has been driven by solid investment returns versus 1/3 ($125 billion) from net inflows to the funds made by members and their employers.
  • Four of the top 20 global investors in infrastructure assets and commercial real estate are among the Top Ten.

Visit our website for more details and watch for the results of the next BCG study, scheduled for release later this fall, that will review the positive impact of retirees with a defined benefit pension.