Client First - Staying Focused on Our Members and Employers

April 19, 2013
Janet Wilson
Janet Wilson, Senior Vice President, OMERS Pension Operations, says putting the client first is key to delivering the full value of the OMERS pension promise. Janet has been at OMERS for over ten years and presides over delivery of frontline services to 429,000 active and retired members of the OMERS Plan.

What has changed since you’ve been at OMERS?

OMERS is turning 50 this year, so we have a long tradition of delivering on the pension promise. Today, we are definitely more outward facing. We’re more focused on members, retirees and employers – we see them as clients.

What can members expect from OMERS in the future?

Our active and retired members can expect more choices and more online options. For example, members can sign up for e-delivery of their annual statements, and they will soon be able to update their personal information online. It helps reduce paper and is convenient. Members can also expect to hear from us more at critical points in their OMERS lifecycle, for example, at enrolment and retirement. We are also looking to develop an even better and wider range of services down the road. And, we are listening to what our members have to say. Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs), for example, came from member requests to benefit more broadly from OMERS investment expertise.

What are your top priorities for the next year?

Building the tools and processes to make it easier for our members and employers to engage with OMERS is a critical priority. We also continue to look for cost-effective solutions. We want to have the flexibility to offer better service and greater choice in the future. As well, easy access to information and services our members and employers want, when they want it, is always a top priority for us.

What do you think is key to delivering the pension promise?

I believe focusing on our members and employers – putting them first – is key to our success in delivering the full value of the pension promise.

What keeps you up at night?

For me, personally, I sleep well because I know I have an OMERS pension.