Prepare for the Life You Want With AVCs

September 26, 2013
What's your unique vision?
Everyone's vision of life in retirement is different. The peace of mind of lifetime income and survivor benefits that your OMERS pension delivers may be all you need for retirement. If you are looking for more, Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) could be for you.
Similar to RRSPs in some ways, AVCs are administered as part of the OMERS Primary Pension Plan but separate from your OMERS defined benefit pension. Funds in an AVC account are invested in the OMERS Fund, a globally diversified portfolio, which provided a 9.5% net rate of return in 2012.
AVCs Earn the OMERS Fund Net Rate of Return
for the period ended December, 31 2012 3-year* 5-year* 10-year*
Net Rate of Return 9.5% 7.7% 3.0% 7.7%
*The OMERS Fund annual average net rate of return(after investment management expenses)
All members can transfer money from other registered retirement savings vehicles such as RRSPs to an AVC account. Active members can also contribute regularly by pre-authorized debit, from as low as $40 a month. AVCs have minimal management fees and expenses – no profit margin is built into the calculation of fees and expenses. In 2012, OMERS investment management expenses were only 0.53%.
Everyone has their own unique retirement goals. AVCs could help you reach yours.
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For U.S. residents only: Neither the OMERS Primary Pension Plan nor the Additional Voluntary Contribution provision thereof (the AVC Option) is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. They are or may be offered and sold in the U.S. pursuant to an exemption from such registration.
Note: The AVC option is not available to members who are not resident in Canada or the United States.