OMERS invests in the Port of Melbourne, Australia

September 21, 2016
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Members of our investment team actively seek out opportunities around the world that contribute value for your pension over the long term.

In September, OMERS announced a major investment in Australia-the Port of Melbourne-our first in that part of the world. OMERS is part of the Lonsdale Consortium, a group of like-minded investors that was recently named the successful purchaser of a 50-year lease of the Port of Melbourne, Australia's largest container and cargo port.

Port of Melbourne revenues align well with the objectives of our Pension Plan. Income is primarily from two sources: rent on Port property leased to stevedores (the companies that load and unload cargo from ships) and other tenants, and charges per unit of goods passing through the Port (known as trade volumes). The Lonsdale Consortium will invest capital to expand the facility over the life of the investment.

"Australia is a major importer and exporter. This transaction provides us with the opportunity to participate in Australia's economic future. The Port provides diversity of cash flows linked to trade volumes and rents, and we are part of a consortium with strong operating expertise. All these factors make this transaction a good long-term investment for OMERS," said Ralph Berg, Executive Vice President & Global Head of Infrastructure, OMERS Private Markets.

The Port has been operating for over 100 years. These facts and figures provide insight into the Port's role as a key economic asset.

Every day of the year the port handles:

  • Over 6,500 containers
  • Almost 1,000 motor vehicles
  • Around 3,200 tonnes of fruit, vegetables and nuts
  • Around 2,300 tonnes of dairy products
  • 550 tonnes of tea and coffee
  • 2,500 tonnes of wood and timber
  • 5,100 tonnes of cereals

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