OMERS Foundation announces first round of 2018 grant recipients

July 19, 2018

$100,000 in employee-raised funds to support six local charities

The OMERS Foundation, a fully employee led and funded initiative, has announced the latest in their family of grant recipients.

"We established the OMERS Foundation in September 2016 as a way of giving back,” said OMERS CEO Michael Latimer. “OMERS members play an important role in communities across the province. They are municipal office and outside workers, police, firefighters, paramedics, school custodians, public health providers and more. The Foundation honours the commitment our members have to serving our communities.

“What sets us apart from other corporate foundations is that there is no corporate money involved in the grants. Our employees raise the funds, run the events, nominate and select the charities to which we provide grants. The work of the Foundation would not have been possible without the commitment and generosity of OMERS employees, and I thank them for their generosity.”

The following charities will be receiving grants from our Foundation in this round of funding: Step Stones for Youth, Sherbourne Health Centre, Made by Momma,, Black Creek Community Farm and Beat the Streets Toronto.

Since the Foundation’s creation in 2016, almost $300,000 has been raised and donated. For more information on the OMERS Foundation, please visit our website. While we welcome interest in the Foundation, given the unique nature of our funding, based fully on employee giving, we currently accept nominations for grants only from employees.

Beat the Streets Toronto, one of the OMERS Foundation’s most recent grant recipients, in action at an event in Toronto on July 9, 2018. This organization combines sport with mentoring to give at-risk 8-18 year olds in underserved areas the support and encouragement they need to realize their full athletic, academic and personal potential.

The OMERS Foundation has supported

Between the Bridges
Eva Rothswell Centre
Fort York Food Bank
George Hull Centre
Jack Davis Hope Foundation
Just Socks
Matthew House
Teach for Canada
Youth Philanthropy Initiative

Made by Momma
Beat the Street
Sherbourne Health Centre
Black Creek Community Farm
Kids Now