Enhanced Engagement – Working Together with Stakeholders

March 01, 2014
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Communicating with Employers, Sponsors and Stakeholders on key developments at OMERS.

Incoming OMERS Administration Corporation CEO Michael Latimer, OAC Chair George Cooke and SC Co-Chairs Marianne Love and Brian O’Keefe have all been busy meeting with various OMERS stakeholders. You can hear from each of them on what they have heard at the Spring Information Meeting – in a new more interactive and informative format.

In a summer 2013 survey, our Stakeholders indicated a desire for enhanced Stakeholder communications from OMERS. What have we been doing to achieve this goal? To start, we issued the inaugural issue of our e-newsletter Outreach, in December of 2013. This is the second edition of the newsletter, which will be sent to our Stakeholders quarterly. OMERS has also been meeting with Stakeholders across the Province and participating in various Stakeholder related events, specifically:

  • Incoming OMERS Administration Corporation CEO Michael Latimer has been meeting with Sponsors and Stakeholders to introduce himself and hear from OMERS Stakeholders.
  • Similarly, George Cooke, the Independent Board Chair of the OAC, has also been actively meeting with Sponsors and Stakeholders.
  • Brian O’Keefe and Marianne Love, Co-Chairs of the OMERS Sponsors Corporation met with representatives of various Stakeholder organizations which are not affiliated with Sponsor organizations and shall continue to meet with these organizations on a regular basis.

We will also deliver on our goal of enhanced engagement at the more interactive and informative Spring Information Meeting, focusing on the 2013 financial results, overall investment strategy and a Sponsors Corporation update. It is an opportunity for our Stakeholders to hear directly from OMERS, and have their questions answered. This information meeting will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, starting at 9:30 a.m. on April 3rd. Register here

The Information Meeting is a great venue for two-way communication with OMERS leadership. If you are unable to attend in person, webcast services are provided to enable you to participate remotely.

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