Human Resources & Compensation Committee

The Committee is appointed by the Members to assist the Members in discharging their responsibilities relating to:
  • Staff levels and succession planning;
  • Training, education and orientation programs for Members;
  • Compensation structure, including benefits, of employees of the Corporation;
  • Expense reimbursement policies in respect of employees of the Corporation; 
  • Compensation and expense reimbursement policies in respect of Members and members of Administration Corporation; and
  • A performance evaluation process for the Chief Executive Officer.
The Committee shall:
  • Make recommendations concerning the hiring of the Chief Executive Officer.
  • Make recommendations regarding an annual performance evaluation process for the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation.
  • Make recommendations concerning compensation ranges and benefit plans for employees.
  • Make recommendations to the Corporation concerning the Corporation’s staffing requirements.
  • Make recommendations concerning expense reimbursement policies for employees.
  • Make recommendations concerning the Corporation’s compensation and expense reimbursement policies for Members and the members of Administration Corporation.
  • Make recommendations, in consultation with the Chairperson of the Corporate Governance Committee, concerning training and continuing education, including seminars and conferences for Members.
  • Participate in the appointment of directors to the Administration Corporation Board as outlined in By-Law No. 13 (e.g. participation of the Chairperson in the recruitment of the Administration Corporation Independent Board Chair).
  • Identify, monitor and report on HR and compensation related risks faced by the Corporation.