Sustainable Investing at OMERS

We believe incorporating sustainable investing into our thinking is the right thing to do. OMERS approach to sustainable investing is founded on the belief that well-run organizations with sound environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices will perform better in the long term, and that the consideration of such factors is consistent with our long-term payment obligations to members.

By considering the risks and opportunities associated with ESG factors, we believe we will achieve a better understanding of investment opportunities, which will enable us to make and manage better investments over the long term.

Sustainable investing is not something new to OMERS. As stewards of members’ capital, we have long believed in the importance of considering sustainable investing in our decisions, and have supported various organizational initiatives over the years. For example, Oxford Properties, OMERS real estate investment company, has been building and strengthening its sustainable investing platform for more than a decade. For four years in a row, Oxford received the top spot in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark survey (an industry-driven organization committed to assessing the ESG performance of real assets globally) as the North American Regional Sector Leader in the Diversified Office and Retail category.

The issues related to sustainable investing – whether environmental, social or otherwise – are complex and evolving. As we further our understanding of key issues and their impact on financial returns, our approach to sustainable investing will adapt and evolve.

Our core mission – to deliver secure, sustainable and affordable defined benefit pensions – guides our approach to sustainable investing.

Our approach is broad, encompassing the wide range of activities we undertake – as pension plan benefit providers; asset developers, owners and operators; private and public market investors; and as an employer. No single approach to sustainable investing fits all of these activities; rather, each business within OMERS has its own approach, which aligns with our beliefs and with the following strategies:

Sustainable Investing in Public Investments Sustainable Investing in Infrastructure and Private Equity Sustainable Investing in Real Estate