Sustainable Investing in Real Estate

Oxford Properties aspires to develop the best properties in every market in which we choose to invest and to be a leading global development team. Pursuing the highest sustainable design standards is an important part of supporting that strategy, and we strive to be recognized by our customers, employees, shareholders, co-owners and the market-at-large, as an industry leader in sustainable investing. We believe that our decision to invest in and develop premium, green assets has a positive impact on the surrounding ecosystem, and increases the long-term value and financial performance of our assets.

As a landlord, we aspire to provide exceptional customer service, operate buildings as efficiently as possible, and conserve natural resources, and support and engage with our communities and protect our license to operate. To that end, we operate our buildings in a manner consistent with best-in-class standards across our different asset classes and markets. These standards include LEED (Canada/U.S. office), BOMA BEST (Canada retail/industrial) and BREEAM (U.K. office) - all standards that focus on enhancing the sustainability performance of buildings. In 2017 two of our properties received best-in-class LEED Platinum recognition: 111 Richmond St. (Toronto, Canada) and the Eau Claire Tower (Calgary, Canada).

"Sustainable Intelligence” is Oxford’s program to manage and communicate on its sustainable investing performance. As part of this program, we undertake numerous activities related to sustainable investing, including:

  • Energy Management: We implement best practices around energy management, set energy management targets, and monitor performance against these targets to drive cost savings and enhance asset competitiveness. Since 2010, there has been a 26% improvement in the energy efficiency of our managed portfolio on a per square foot basis.
  • Waste Management: We set waste management targets and monitor performance against these targets. Customers are provided with reference materials to enhance waste diversion from landfill and reduce costs. We strive to maintain a minimum national diversion rate of 65% in our office properties and 60% in retail.
  • Green Building Certification Support: We have achieved 85% LEED-certified office space which is recognition valued by our customers and which helps enhance the sustainable investing performance of our buildings.
  • Customer Engagement: We have joint landlord-tenant green teams across all our managed office and retail properties. We also support sustainable investing lobby events which helps differentiate our business and enhance customer attraction and retention.