General Information – Ongoing Service

Primary Plan service and any related ongoing Supplemental Plan service must be purchased together. They cannot be purchased separately. Therefore, any leave period occurring after the Supplemental Plan coverage start date must be purchased in both the Primary and Supplemental Plans. 

For example, if a member purchases a leave period in the Primary Plan and they also have Supplemental Plan service for the related period, they must also purchase that related period in the Supplemental Plan. Similarly, to purchase a period in the Supplemental Plan, the related Primary Plan service must be purchased at the same time. 


Tom takes a 10-month employer-approved leave. The leave begins after the start date of the Supplemental Plan coverage for his employee class. If he decides to purchase the leave period, he must purchase the service in the Primary Plan and Supplemental Plan. For this type of leave, he would pay the member and employer contributions, and the same purchase deadline would apply to both the Primary Plan and Supplemental Plan service. 

Supplemental Plan benefits are not automatically provided. Employers can set up Supplemental Plan coverage for a class or classes of members in the police sector, firefighters and paramedics.