Warren Bell, OMERS COO reaches out to employers

May 01, 2015

At OMERS, we are very fortunate that our purpose is both straightforward and worthwhile – to provide secure and sustainable pensions to Ontario workers who serve our communities. It is incredibly rewarding to come to work every day to a place where there is a tangible sense of connection to helping provide financial security to hundreds of thousands of people.

To be successful with this mandate, we must actively support our 1,000 employers. I recognize that each employer has their own deadlines, priorities and technical limitations, and that administering the OMERS Plan is just one piece of a busy workload. That is why it is so important for us to be connected, and listen to employers, and work together to simplify processes and improve service levels.

I have made it a priority to regularly meet with employers, stakeholders and members, and I am committed to continuing to do so. Over the past months, I have had the pleasure of meeting some of you and have engaged in very frank discussions about what OMERS is doing well and where we can improve. Through these discussions, I have gained firsthand feedback from you; insights which will be used to help create a roadmap for the future.

I am keenly aware that the administrative decisions we make at OMERS impact you, and the work that you do each day. To me, it is all about having focus, discipline and accountability in everything that we do, and about listening to our employers, stakeholders and members along the way.

One of the ways that we are improving is through investing in our technology. It is critical to ensure that we have the right tools in place to serve our members into the future. Our current system is 18 years old and it is time for us to modernize. This is a multi-year project, which will not have any impact on employers until the end of 2017. As we move forward, we will be engaging directly with employers on this initiative – partnering with each of you – to develop a system that sets the stage for the future.

In addition to face-to-face meetings, this employer newsletter is an important forum for us to share information and I will use it to communicate directly with you. I want to hear from you. 

Warren Bell was appointed OMERS Chief Operating Officer and Pension Services (COO) in September 2014. He previously served as OMERS Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer. Prior to joining OMERS in 2010, he held a variety of senior management positions in human resources and operations over his progressive, 25-plus-year career at TD Bank Group.