Working together to protect members’ personal information

May 01, 2015

OMERS and employers work together to administer the OMERS Plan and meet the pension promise and must also work together and take steps to always safeguard members' personal information.

Employers should always keep in mind that:

  • Membership information OMERS provides through e-access, member reports or other channels is for the purposes of OMERS Plan administration only; and
  • If you are going to use this information for any other purpose, you must have the member's consent.

We routinely hear from employers regarding the need for robust tools and access to aggregate information to assist with administering the Plan and to proactively prepare for the future. 

We are currently reviewing existing security controls, processes and best practices to help us to continue to provide employers with the information they need while always ensuring the protection of members' personal information. This may include changes to e-access security controls and other processes. Any changes will be communicated through e-alerts and Employer News as well as ongoing discussions with employers.

We take privacy seriously, as we know you do – working together can help us to ensure that we treat all information with the proper level of transparency in order to administer the Plan effectively.