Evolution of OMERS Service Model

July 08, 2011

A message from Jennifer Brown, Chief Pension Officer, OMERS

I would like to update you on continuing refinements to our service model, including recent changes effective July 6, 2011.

The evolution of our service model maintains our performance and also positions us for future growth. Please note that roles previously carried out by the OMERS Employer Administration Officers (EAOs) have been redeployed and strengthened in the three areas outlined below.

Client Services: We are continuing to strengthen our Client Services group. When you contact us, you are assisted by a knowledgeable and customer-focused representative who has instant access to OMERS systems and information. We have recently strengthened our employer service capability in Client Services, and employer calls are prioritized to our most experienced representatives. OMERS Client Services is your first point of contact for OMERS administration, and for the e-Form 119 process going forward.

Pension Communications and Education: OMERS Education and Training specialists conduct Employer Administration Workshops, and member information sessions across the province. Your assigned Specialist will contact you to support any education or training needs, including the Employer Workshop, e-Form 119 training in the fall, and ongoing member information sessions. You will continue to receive timely news and information on OMERS via the electronic Employer News. In addition, the online Employer Administration Manual is a key reference document, updated regularly.

Pension Operations: Our Pension Operations group recently re-aligned to a team-based structure from the previous transaction-based structure. Further to that realignment, we have made some additional enhancements. Two service teams will now deliver the full spectrum of pension services to our employers and members. The teams provide industry-leading response on pension benefits, and will communicate with you as needed on specific files via e-correspondence on our secure e-access channel. A third team will focus on analysis and quality assurance. In addition, a project approach will be undertaken in Pension Operations each year on the e-Form 119 annual reporting process. Any complex issues or exceptions will be handled proactively by the project team. Client Services remains your first point of contact.

We are committed to providing leading service to our employer representatives. More details will be provided to you on the changes I’ve outlined. In the interim, please feel free to contact OMERS Client Services at 416-369-2444 or toll-free at 1-800-387-0813 on any OMERS issues.