Invest in the OMERS Fund: New AVC tools and information

December 07, 2012
Visit AVCs for new tools and information on Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs). The new information aims to help members make an informed decision about contributing to an AVC account.

The 2013 AVC transfer window opens on January 1. We invite you to take the time and check out the new site before the window opens.

  • Try the new Automatic Contributions Estimator to see the potential impact of automatic contributions to an AVC account.
  • Learn about the different contribution options.
  • Take the Self-Assessment Quiz – it’s a great way to assess your understanding of AVCs.
  • Watch real members tell their AVC stories in Member Stories.
  • Find answers to your AVC questions.

AVCs are invested in the $55 billion OMERS Fund. AVCs give participants access to OMERS globally diverse asset mix.

You must be member of the OMERS Plan to contribute to an AVC account.